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CBD & CBG Suppositories

CBD & CBG Suppositories

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7 66mg CBD 66mg CBG Suppositories 

All-natural CBD & CBG Suppositories are for relief right where you need it. CBG has been could help with symptoms associated with gastrointentstional issuses such as Crohns's, Collitis, IBS, etc. 


Ingredients: culinary grade coco butter, CBD & CBG isolate


Rectal CBD suppositories may help with

  • For hemorrhoid inflammation

  • For rectal pain and discomfort

  • To mitigate pain during anal sex

  • As a lubricant for anal sex

  • For treating anal fissures

  • For managing digestive issues & bowel movement problems such as Crohn’s and IBS

  • For sciatica

  • For fighting restless leg syndrome

  • For soothing lower back pain

  • For managing prostate issues & post-operative pain

0.00% THC

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